Poweras is a company operating in the industrial sector.

The distribution, warranty and post-warranty service of MAN Marine high-speed diesel engines is an essential part of the company's activity.

We also supply and repair Cummins main propulsion engines and marine power generators.

In addition, we offer spare parts and service equipment.

Due to the location of the company, a special place in the structure of the business is the service of equipment used in shipbuilding.

We provide repair and survey services for marine diesel engines, power generators, automation systems and ship power systems.
As part of our business, we have worked with a number of companies, both domestic and foreign. We offer equipment, spare parts for them and service for MAN diesel engines, Cummins Engine Company. We also offer a wide range of filters for industrial applications including fuel, oil, air and more. You will find a full list of Poweras partners under the Partners tab.

Both the management and employees of Poweras have a wealth of work experience and extensive marketing and technical knowledge gained through the many training courses provided by manufacturers of machinery and equipment.
Our service specialists are at your disposal both at home and abroad. Hoping to cooperate, we invite you to use our services.